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Case Studies

The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO)


The Association of British Professional Conference Organisers (ABPCO) is the UK’s leading Professional body for Association Conference & Not-for-profit Event Organisers. For thirty years ABPCO have focused on excellence and have helped to facilitate conversations, knowledge sharing and collaboration between ABPCO members, leading to innovations, learning, new opportunities, lasting working relationships and professionalisation. ABPCO bring the events community together to promote and encourage excellence, share, learn and collaborate. ABPCO membership is open to professional conference organisers, suppliers, associates, and destinations.

The Brief

A key part of the association’s communication strategy with its members and the events professionals’ community as a whole is the association’s website. ABPCO had identified that they required a new website that would become the ‘go-to’ portal for future members. In particular, it was felt that this site would be used to really showcase the association’s membership offering in order to attract new members and therefore grow the association. The new website had to engage with professional visitors, encouraging new members and signpost existing members to key information and new site features while also being easier to update and maintain. It needed to have improved structure and navigation, and have an overall more modern design, with content displayed in a more engaging way.


In addition to the existing brand being carried through and elevated, based on the input from the workshop meetings the following project objectives had been identified to develop the new ABPCO website: promoting those features, events and resources that are available behind the members login as well as the benefits of a ABPCO membership; and automating where possible many of the routine and time-consuming mediocre tasks associated with the management of the association whilst staying scalable, developed to allow further expansion and functionality to be added over the coming years. We worked closely with ABPCO to deliver a smoother, quicker and more intuitive customer journey for both members and non-members and to fulfil our man objective with this project which was to demonstrate a clear benefit to the membership, adding value to the membership offering and therefore driving new member recruitment/acquisition and extension of the association’s reach. In facilitating the onboarding of new members as well as smoothing the renewal/year end process, LightMedia also helped increase the tracking and reporting of member engagement and retention. In addition, our team completely rethought ABPCO’s resources and events management and enhanced ABPCO’s job’s board, tender enquiry system and members’ directory.  

The Outcome

The new website allows the ABPCO members better, more flexible, and on-demand access to content and services thereby allowing the members to pick and choose those elements of membership that matter most to them. The member self-serve environment has improved the quality of the core member data by reducing duplication and enhancing any associated reporting, bettering ABPCO’s decision making whilst still complying with GDPR.


Client Testimonial

“ABPCO were delighted to work with the team at Light Media on this new website.  They demonstrated a real in-depth understanding of our goals for a new web-site and worked diligently to fulfil these, on time and on budget.”
Heather Lishman, ABPCO Director