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BAOMS aims to promote the advancement of education, research and the development of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in the British Isles.

The Brief

LightMedia were awarded the contract to design and develop a new website for the British Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery (BAOMS). As well as the previous BAOMS site failing to be mobile-friendly, it was proving to be unstable with frequent server outages resulting in a significant loss of data. It was therefore imperative that the new site and its associated hosting was well constructed, stable and reliable.  

We needed to ensure the new site delivered increased focus on Members, Health Professionals, The Public, Media and Researchers. It had to be professional but approachable with increased visitor and member interaction and engagement.

The Solution

The project was delivered in two phases. Phase 1 involved LightMedia and BAOMS working closely to develop a specification including wireframes, site map and design concepts while Phase 2 involved developing the actual site including population, testing and deployment.

It was quickly identified that BAOMS would benefit from undergoing a rebranding exercise including a new logo and house style, so our creative team worked collaboratively with BAOMS to create a new look for the association which would more accurately reflect their professional standing.

A large part of the redevelopment project was to enhance the Members’ Area on the site. The new area now includes features such as personalising members’ browsing and prioritising their content, and implementing a discussion forum to allow members to discuss current issues in a less formal environment than, for example, a blog. We integrated our very own members' voting system with the BAOMS website to make the voting process as seamless and effective as possible and to ultimately eliminate the manual administration that was previously required.

We implemented an advanced members’ directory which allows members to search for other members by letter, name, type (NHS or Private), specialty, region, and postcode. On the public side of the site, we ensured a similar feature to the members’ directory would be available via the ‘Find an OMF Surgeon’ function using a subset of the information found in the members’ directory.

To further improve the patient’s experience on the new website, we created an area which details the cause, symptoms and treatment for each OMF condition and alongside this we created an area which lists all OMF procedures which can be navigated with a quick search facility. Each procedure provides detailed pre and post-surgery information which is also available as a downloadable PDF. 

The Outcome

The website has been well received by both members and the public. Those responsible within BAOMS for the maintenance of the site were particularly impressed with how easy it was to manage both the site and its content.

It was a pleasure to work with BAOMS on their web project and we are delighted they are as proud of the new website as we are.

"LightMedia provided a relaxed but focussed and professional approach to our surgical specialty's web redevelopment project.

A series of structured web based meetings allowed our small in-house team to liaise effectively and work towards the best website solutions for our membership, as well as enhancing the information we provide to other health professionals and the general public. We are very pleased with the outcome and feedback on the new website has been universally enthusiastic.

I would not hesitate to recommend LightMedia based on our experience.” - Sarah Durham, Senior Administrator


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