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LightMedia OMS Features

Each one of our solutions is unique and is designed specifically for the needs of each individual client.

This design process can include bespoke custom built Websites, Members Areas, CRM Members Databases and a range of bolt-on Modules which can include the following:

 Membership Management & Automation

Third-party or integrated membership management systems

 Event Management & Promotion 

Manage, promote and sell your society events from your site

 Progressive Member Apps 

Engaging, tailor-fed news and updates to your mobile device

 Bursaries and Grant Management

Manage your society bursaries and grants via the system

 Interactive Surgical Data & Online Charts and Reports

Roll out access to your reports as part of the approval process

 Publication & Journal Integration

Seamless login ensures the maximum traffic to your publications 

 Interactive Learning Content

From formal SCORM e-learning courses to more informal learning tools

 Enhanced Security and Encryption

Ensure private and sensitive information is secure

 Private Committee Sections

Share ideas, documents and meeting minutes 

 Site, Navigation and Content Management

Edit and add new pages, change menu content and take control of your content

 Electronic Voting

From simple “first past the post” to “single transferable vote” options


Sell products, documents and event tickets direct from your web site

 Virtual Museums & Collections

Include engaging features such as timelines, interactive maps and engaging animation

 Discussion Forums

Encourage online collaboration and knowledge sharing

 Interactive Blogs

Allow your members to vote and comment on their favourite blog postings

 Integrated Social Media

link to your social media from all your key content and pull in social media feeds

 Responsive Browser Technologies, mobile platform compatibility

Viewable on all modern web platforms

 News & Associated Archives

Include engaging news stories that auto-archive after a set period of time